Super Saturdays

Where sports, fitness, healthy food and fun comes to play!

While sports will always be the foundation of Super Saturday, healthy eating, fitness and broad exposure to a variety of activities is important.

All of our sports are taught by experienced athletes who have trained and schooled in their area of expertise. The activities have been designed for children 6-13 years old.

We have accomplished this as follows:

  • An exposure to fitness and exercise as a warmup for the day
  •  An exposure to athletic activities that will broad their experience
  • The selection of a sport to intensively concentrate on
  • Offering a healthy lunch
  •  Teaching the defensive arts, including boxing, MMA and karate

Super Saturday Schedule

10:00am – 2:00pm
Fitness: 30 Min.
Swimming: 30 Min.
Choice of basketball/soccer: 90 Min.
Nutritious, healthy lunch: 30 Min.
Self defense, boxing & MMA: 30 Min.


Fall Session: September 12-October 31
Winter Session: January 1-Februray 21
Spring Session I: March 7-April 18
Spring Session II: May 2-June13

7 week program including lunch and a Super Saturday T-shirt: $295

For more information, call 718-209-1010