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BKLA Swim Academy is partnering with Outdoor Afro‘s Making Waves program to provide 70 swimmers, kids and caregivers beginner swim lessons this spring at no cost.If you‘re located in or near Canarsie, Brooklyn enroll in our swim sessions today!

Beginner Swim Lessons for Children and Caregivers


Dates: April 1-May 6
6 Classes - Monday or Tuesdays

Monday Schedule:

5pm: Ages 5-8

6pm: Ages 5-8, 9-14

7pm: Ages 9-14, Adults

Tuesday Schedule:

5pm: Ages 5-8

6pm: Ages 5-8, 9-14

7pm: Adults

of Black/African American children cannot swim
0 %
of Hispanic children cannot swim
0 %
of Caucasian children cannot swim
0 %

Registration Form and Waiver Required

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Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a beginner swimmer
  • Must appreciate the importance of water safety
  • Must be committed to 6 weeks of lessons, 1 free beginner session per person
  • Must understand the significance of Black people having access to water

Limited Space Supply! First come, First Served

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For Registration and More Information, Contact: BKLA Swim Academy: swim@bklanyc.com